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Vintage Vinyl Floorcloths coming to Alexander Lumber in Owatonna

If you love vintage, you will love our new vintage vinyl floorcloths coming to Alexander Lumber in Owatonna! Inspired by old floor cloths and vintage linoleum, these vibrant vinyl mats offer warm colors with beautiful aging. They are extremely durable and flexible with a non-stick surface. Vintage Vinyl floor cloths are also very easy to clean and lay flat. Great in kitchens, baths, offices and controlled outdoor settings. Rug pads are not required.

You can see a sampling in the video. At Alexander Lumber, we strive to provide flooring of all styles so you can express your personality in your home or office. These Vintage Vinyl Floorclothes are made to look vintage but provide easy care and cleaning.

Talk to us today at Alexander Lumber!

Owatonna, MN


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